The newly inducted faculty had a video conference with Dr. Ravikumar on the philosophy of concept of health in general and on the role of AIIMS on the health of the people of Andhra Pradesh in specific.

Emphasis on quality

He underlined the need for initiating the concept of quality of life into the fabric of medical practice right from the beginning of a medical career.

The innovation in curriculum envisaged at AIIMS will help in suitably orienting the students to fill the "know-do" gap existing currently in India.

The students have to be lifelong learners and hence the understanding of health from a world-view as projected by WHO was of greatest importance. The virtual classrooms and modular delivery of curriculum must help achieve that aim.

  • The subjects will be taught in an integrated manner with thrust on problem solving exercises of various modes including case-based learning.
  • The spiral curriculum will achieve a level of understanding of facts which translates knowledge into skillful practice.
  • The students shall keep their portfolios in digital media and this will serve to mentor them in the right career direction in the future.